Manifesting-Does It Really Work?

I’m often asked, “Does manifesting really work?”  It works one hundred percent of the time, provided you are doing it correctly.  Some years back there was a big hullabaloo over the law of attraction.  This law was not discovered in 2006 when the book, The Secret, was published.  In fact it first appeared in the written works of the renowned Theosophist, Madame Helena Blavatsky around 1877.  But many of us in the New Thought movement first discovered it in The Quimby Manuscripts edited by Horatio Dresser, published in 1921.  This work was based on the life and work of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, considered by many to be the father of New Thought.

The term itself, New Thought, is extraordinary because it came at a time when people, many of whom were from the New England states and had been following Ralph Waldo Emerson, decided it was time to think and act differently.  Much thought evolution has occurred in the New Thought circles since that time.  For those of us who are ministers or leaders in these communities, we teach it from a basis of conscious creation.  It is neither slick nor mysterious.  It is a way of living in the world with a widened and awakened perspective. 

I have no doubt the book and the movie, The Secret, helped a lot of people.  Yet many of the people I’ve met were unable to sustain their first successes.  Why?  I believe it’s because people approached it as a fix for their lives, rather than the movement of their lives.  Manifesting is a lifestyle, not a cure.  Once you truly understand this, and how to do live that way, your life changes drastically for the better.  You start to experience achievements you never dreamed possible.  And that’s my goal, my work in the world, to teach all those who want to learn how beautiful and abundant life can be.  When you give back, when you truly want others to succeed because you understand we are all connected, life begins to change.  That’s the mission behind my blog, my products and my YouTube channel.  I want you to have it all.  When you feel empowered, you will help empower others and that’s how we change the world.  One empowered, loving person at a time.  Welcome aboard!  Let’s do this journey together.